Sunday, November 24, 2019

No Cheap Shots essays

No Cheap Shots essays In this novel, as in life, nothing is either perfectly good or perfectly evil. Scout, Jem, and Dill are learning about a lot different things from very different people. People that have nothing in common or very little. These people vary from black, white, and outcasts. These people are Tom Robinson, Boo Radley, and Dolphus Raymond. Tom was a large piece of good and evil in the courts. Tom didnt really give this information, but his case did it all. It taught them all about the injustice and the true racism in the town. It brought out the racism in the town. The case was in the bag for Atticus but Tom was black which means nothing is going to be correct. Before the case to Jem, Scout, and Dill the towns hatred for blacks was normal but after the case their perspective of the hatred grew too much. This was not all bad to them, this gave them a choice either to be a halfwit like the rest of the town or be what is right, a person who sees all others as an equal as far as race is concerned. Boo Radley was an example of the towns judgement. Boo had a few problems as a kid and a harsh father who would not let him correct his mistakes. This is what started his problems, he couldnt fix his life. Since then he has been beaten down with rumors and lies. No one even went to his house when he was being punished for his actions. He was probably to scared to meet the public or while he was locked up he got to thinking, Im white and an outcast. Everyone hates me or is scared of me. What is the difference between me and the Negroes? This is teaching them the quick and wrong judgement the town has. When they find out how wrong the town is they will give people chances. Mr. Dolphus Raymond to the town is a drunken, mixed up white man. This is automatically the reaction the town has to him hanging out with the black community. They cannot accept the fact he just likes the blacks more than whites. They lea...

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