Monday, April 20, 2020

Uses of Solanaceae free essay sample

Ornamental lilies are hyacinths, grape hyacinths, and scillas. The young shoots of asparagus (Asparagus officinalis) are an important cash crop, and A. plumosus is the asparagus fern (though not a fern) used by florists as lacy greenery in bouquets. Wild sarsaparilla (Avalia nudicaulis) has long been an ingredient of soft drinks. Aloe (Aloe Vera) once provided needles for early phonographs and remains important today as a salve in the treatment of burns and in cosmetics. Meadow saffron or fall crocus (Colchicum autumnale) was used to treat gout (a painful disease of inflamed oints), and is still much used in research. Cochicine is extracted from the plant and used to prevent spindle formation during mitosis, so that replicated chromosomes do not split apart. This produces a polyploid, that is, a double (or more) of the normal chromosome number. Dragons blood, the resin of Dracaena, the dragon tree, was once collected and used as a finish for the great Italian violins of the eighteenth century. We will write a custom essay sample on Uses of Solanaceae or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page USES OF FABACEAE: The family of considerable importance as a source of high-protein food, oil and forage as ornamentals and other uses. Food The pulses, belonging to this family, are used as food, some important and common species of pulse yielding plants are: Gram, Pea, Bean. These pulses are rich in protein contents. Forage of Fodder crop: Medicago sativa Alfafa is one of the worlds best forage crop for horses, Vicia, Melilotus and Trifolium are also cultivated as main fodder crops. Timber Many trees of this family provide excellent timber for building, furniture and fuel. Main timber plants are Butea, Dalburgia. Edible oil The seeds of Arachis ypogea peanut are edible and also used for extraction of peanut oil which after hydrogenation is used as a vegetable oil. Indigo dyes Indigo dyes are obtained from Indigofera tinctoria and Butea monosperma, yielding yellow dye from flowers. Medicines Many plants of this family are important for medicines e. g. , Glycyrrhiza glabra for cough and cold, Clitoria ternateaused against snake bite. Weights The red and white seeds of Abrus precatorious are used by Jewelers as weights called ratti. Ornamental plants Some important ornamental plants include Lathyrus, Lupinus, Clitoria, Butea etc

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